Im Ready To Talk About It

Its been a few days now since Superbowl 52. Correction; it has been 97 hours since Superbowl 52. You all know I'm a Patriots fan. I've mentioned it over and over on here, so I was heartbroken for the past few days, hence the *almost* week of no posts. This years Superbowl taught me a… Continue reading Im Ready To Talk About It


A Rollercoaster Sunday It Was

What is worse, getting blown out by a team while the world is watching, or losing a heartbreaking comeback in spectacular fashion while the world is watching? Both of these outcomes came to fruition yesterday. The Patriots pulled out another miracle playoff win against the Jaguars, and the Eagles gave a good routing to the… Continue reading A Rollercoaster Sunday It Was

What do you want me to say?

All things considered, Tom Brady's hand did a pretty good job in the AFC Championship. For the next two weeks, and maybe even longer, sports analysts around the world will heap praise on the performance. Gutsy. Fearless. Heart. Tough. But ah, ah, ah... not so fast. TB12 might be out here tootin' his own horn,… Continue reading What do you want me to say?

You Can’t Fool Us, Tom

I rolled out of bed this morning and engaged in my normal routine. Get up, brew some coffee, sit on the couch and read the Patriots. This is a great weekend to do that, as the Patriots play for the AFC Title tomorrow. Being a Patriots fan, I don't usually worry about things like tough… Continue reading You Can’t Fool Us, Tom