If You Haven’t Noticed… We’re On A Break

For the past month, you have probably been staring at your screen, without blinking, eating, sleeping, or drinking. Just hoping your next refresh would put something new on our feed. Wait no more. Because I will post this right after I finish writing it. But then you’ll be back to staring because not even I know when we will be officially back.

Right now, The Bandwagon Boys are taking a little break, not because we don’t want to bring you content, but because we want you to see us at our best. Currently, fearless leader/ CEO Brandon is trying to redesign our website, add new features, come up with new ideas, ignore my texts and phone calls, change his identity, buy children ice cream, escape to Zimbabwe, etc. But once he manages to do all of this as a man without any I.T. experience, no web design courses, and no tech degree, we will be back up-and-running. Yikes.

This message comes over a month too late and we apologize. Keep reading, and hopefully we will be back sooner than Tiger Woo- Wait, what’s that? Tiger’s back?! Oh geez. Well, I hope we’ll be back before the XFL. See ya.