Eric Hosmer Joins the Rebuilding Padres

Late Saturday night, now Ex-Royals First Baseman Eric Hosmer signed an 8-year, $144M deal with the San Diego Padres. This came as a surprise to many considering the Padres have been a bottom-feeder team for years now. Not only this, but Hosmer reportedly turned down a similar 7-year deal from Kansas City. So he must really like what San Diego has to offer. Now, after adding a great, young talent like Hosmer, the ‘Dres look like they could make some noise. Building around great young players like Hosmer, Wil Myers, and Hunter Renfroe shows some promise for the Padres that they haven’t had since they wore these bad-boys:

Image result for old padres uniforms

But really, if they keep adding young talent, the Padres have some serious potential to make a playoff run sometime in the next 3 years. I feel like they’re probably about two pitchers, and a consistent contact hitter/good fielder away from being a contender. Hopefully their farm system can churn out the talent. Let’s go Padres.