Quavo is the Greatest Athlete of All Time

Who is Quavious Marshall? Rapper. Singer. Mogul. Influencer. Songwriter. Producer. Huncho. Baller? You may not of thought of the Migos leadman as a great athlete, but let me tell you, Quavo can- as he would type it-  P  L  A  Y.

On Friday night, Quavo showed his skills on the court in L.A. for the All-Star Weekend Ruffles Celebrity Game. He won MVP by scoring 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. A very well rounded performance. He even had the swat of the century on NBA2KTV host Rachel Demita:

But he isn’t just a great hooper. Huncho could chuck the pigskin too. In his homestate of Georgia, he started at quarterback for a season, and tore it up. At Berkmar High School, he was the “Supastar” of his otherwise trash squad. He set records at Berkmar that were recently broken by Houston Texans QB Taylor Heineke. I’d say if your’e gonna have your records broken, it’s fair for them to broken by a future NFL player. But even though they went 1-9, that 1 in the win column came because of a fantastic homecoming performance, with Quavious throwing for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. Personally, I can’t think of anything more bad, or boujee than that. Except maybe this:


I think the conversation needs to be had at this point. Is Quavo the greatest athlete to ever live? I mean, we just watched him dominate the celebrity game, where he at one point was guarding NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady. So by the transitive property, Quavo won MVP, McGrady didn’t… so lets call a spade a spade. Quavo is a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Not only that obvious statement, but he can throw footballs into basketball hoops. Which in my opinion just means he’s used his basketball skills to master all ball sports simultaneously. Not that hard. It took an NFL-er to break his records in high school where he only started 1 season and had a horrible team around him. Give Huncho some more talent around him and- dare I say it- he’s in the NFL too?! I’m going to make it clear right now, that I am in fact not here to argue. But seriously, someone sign this guy to a deal. I don’t even care what sport, but as long as it has a ball, I think Quavo can be a top 20 player in it.

Quavo can literally do anything he wants in life. I just hope he doesn’t choose to do this again: