Im Ready To Talk About It

Its been a few days now since Superbowl 52. Correction; it has been 97 hours since Superbowl 52.

You all know I’m a Patriots fan. I’ve mentioned it over and over on here, so I was heartbroken for the past few days, hence the *almost* week of no posts.

This years Superbowl taught me a few things:

  1. The catch rule NEEDS to be evaluated this summer
    • As if this one needs explaining. There have been countless numbers of games this year that have been won and lost because of this rule. It almost cost the Eagles a touchdown during the Superbowl! The rule for a catch is as follows:
      • The player gets control of the ball with his hands or arms before the ball touches the ground.
      • The player gets two feet or one other body part (other than a hand) on the ground inbounds.
      • The player maintains control of the ball after he’s done both of the first two things until he establishes himself as a runner.
    • There is so much wrong with this. Look at all that gray area! “Control of the ball…” does this mean it can jostle a bit in the receivers hands? Can it shift a millimeter? These are questions that need answering before we, as fans and lovers of the sport, can feel confident about officiating in the NFL. Especially in close games.
  2. It’s good for the sport that the Patriots lost
    • I love the New England Patriots. I get up at 6:00 AM every day just to read columns from New England writers for a half hour before I get ready for my day. Its arguably the best part of my day. I enjoy a nice steaming bowl of clam chowda’, but man, did the whole world explode with happiness when the Eagles won this Superbowl. I don’t know if it was hatred for the Patriots*, or sympathy for anyone but the Patriots, but there was a different sense of joy in the air this year. This joy will be good down the stretch for this league. I’ve said it before… Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the best things to ever happen to this league. They are (were) competitive, interesting, successful, iconic, and (for the most part) lovable quarterbacks. They made you love football. They made you love watching it, and that happiness is what should drive people to this sport. That is how our sport will stay successful. I think that everyone got a dose of that happiness and excitement when the Eagles won the Superbowl, and more people will be back to watch come this Fall.
  3. The Eagles are here to stay (sounds familiar)
    • Don’t make me talk too much about this. Carson Wentz will be back next season, their pass rush is terrifying, and they are now America’s favorite team. God help us.
  4. Get a quarterback
    • Three names… DeShaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo. These are three young quarterbacks about to make a BIG impact on their teams this year. Sure… we already know Wentz, but we didn’t get to see him through the postseason. This kid is going to be good. And Garoppolo signed a 5-year, $137.5 million deal about 6 hours ago, another name to be reckoned with (don’t sleep on the 9’ers). And fantasy owners remember the fateful week that was the DeShaun Watson ACL tear. The Texans will be very happy to have him back
    • Be on the lookout for these young guys. They will be part of the new era.