Kristaps Porzingis Tore His ACL Dunking On Giannis And I’m Dead Inside

If Porzingis is out for the year, I too, am out for the year. I don’t think I’m ready to handle this emotionally. I’ve got too much going on in my life to deal with this kind of loss and tragedy. I’m still in complete shock and denial.

The part that’s so terrible, isn’t even THAT it happened, it’s HOW it happened. Look:

It was so close to just being an awesome highlight dunk on a top 5 player in the league, but no, absolutely not. The Knicks can’t even have nice moments. I personally, blame Phil Jackson, James Dolan, James Dolan’s kazoo, and David Stern. The Knicks are about to go into “tanking mode” which is just perfect. They finally have just enough talent where they could push for a 7th or 8th seed and BOOM! The world crumbles, and all hope is lost.

The Knicks future is so bleak. Their second leading scorer is Tim Hardaway Jr. who on most other teams is a 6th man, not a starter. Their 1st round draft pick Frank Ntilikina is developing slower than a French World War Victory. Their best player without PorzinGod is Enes Kanter whose ex-coach literally called him unplayable! P.S. Enes does in fact, rhyme with penis, and it would be a REAL SHAME if people started calling him Penis Kanter whenever he has a bad game… a real shame…

Porzingis is the only watchable player on this team. He’s a generational talent. I mean people always compare him to Dirk, but I see him more as a longer Durant. The official diagnosis is that he has torn his left ACL and won’t return until next season. All hope is lost, babies are crying, the city is in ruins, stores have been looted, etc.

Later in the game, to LITERALLY add insult to injury, Giannis responded from getting dunked on by KP with this spicy little number:

I mean come on Giannis! That’s just insulting. Our best player in the past 20 years slammed on you, but died in the process, so you have to lash out like THIS?! I’m truly hurt. And so is KP. And so is Timmy JR. after your big Greek nuts were emphatically mashed into his face:


The silver lining of this situation is that 7’3 big men have always had a fantastic history of recovering well from knee and leg injuries! Oh wait… R.I.P. to the PorzinG.O.A.T.