Is Incest Why Tom Brady Lost SB52?!?!

This is one of the most disturbing videos of all time. This is a clip from the documentary about TB12’s day-to-day life titled “Tom V.S. Time”. In this scene, Brady’s son Jack walks into the room while Tommy is casually getting his boob/shoulder region jiggled about, and asks his father if he can check his fantasy team. Perfectly normal interaction, besides the massage thing, but you know… rich athlete stuff. But then, not only do they kiss on the lips real quick, which is… okay, but still a little off, but Tommy calls him back for more!

They kissed. On the lips. For at least 2 full seconds. I don’t care enough to actually measure it out, but it was long enough to be weird as hell. And I don’t like it one bit.

But I think what this situation really proves, is that if you make out with your kid, you can’t win the Super Bowl (if people see you do it). Nick Foles just won Super Bowl 52. Nick Foles has a baby girl, and has not (to my knowledge) made out with her. On the other side of the equation, Tom Brady HAS, in fact, made out with his child. Tom Brady- OFFICIALLY DID NOT- win Super Bowl 52. These are just the facts folks,,,,

I don’t create the facts, I just report them. Making out with your kid- 0. NOT making out with your kid- 1. Would not wanna be a kid kisser these days…