The Redskins Have Replaced Their Mediocre Quarterback With Another Mediocre Quarterback

On a random Tuesday in January, Alex Smith has been traded to the Washington Racial-Slurs. While sure, the trade can’t be made official until March 14th, the details are already in place, and are just waiting for the official date. The trade will send Alex Smith to D.C. in exchange for Cornerback Kendall Fuller + a 3rd round draft pick back to the Chiefs.

This might be the least impactful trade of all time. No one really wins or loses from this trade except for Kirk Cousins. Because Kirk Cousins doesn’t have to deal with Washington’s bullshit for another season. After being franchise tagged twice, told they wouldn’t give him a multi-year deal, the ‘Skins simply replace him with a pretty similar quarterback who’s 4 years older than him. And to add insult to injury, they give the older QB a 4 year extension! I wish I could be as good at insulting people as the Redskins are at insulting Kirk Cousins.

But congratulations to Alex Smith. He’s finally been put in a scenario where hes not fighting for his job. Not many people realize he has the 3rd most wins in the league since 2010. Alex Smith lost his job to Kaepernick due to an unfortunate injury. Then for no other reason than youth, the Chiefs traded up in the draft last year to select Patrick Mahomes. Sidenote: Patrick Mahomes is going to be an absolute stud next year, don’t @ me. But this is the first situation since he was drafted, where Alex Smith is wanted, and not needed.

Lets grade the trade:

Redskins- B-

Chiefs- B

Kirk Cousins- A

Alex Smith- B+

Patrick Mahomes- A

Overall, I’d say this trade won’t effect either team in the win column. Both Smith and Cousins are mediocre, and replacing one with the other isn’t going to make much of a difference. Cousins gets to move on to a better situation, and Smith gets to be wanted. But for the Chiefs and Redskins, this move won’t change much for the near future.