Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and a $100,000,000 Check

More than four million people forked over the $100 dollar fee to watch Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Conor McGregor punch each other for a half hour or so.

Mayweather took home around $250 million in 2015 for fighting Manny Pacquiao, so it would make sense that the McGregor fight was probably a decent pay day as well.

Part of the agreement for the McGregor fight was that Mayweather would receive a guaranteed $100 million before accounting for any portion of the pay-per-view. Late last week, Mayweather decided to share a photo of a $100 million check made out to Floyd Mayweather on Instagram. The 0’s just keep going.


Ok. So, this got me thinking. How much money would it take for me to get into a ring with Mayweather for 10 rounds? (10 rounds is how long it took for Mayweather to TKO McGregor, but don’t worry none of us would last this long).

Initially, I was thinking that this number would be way higher, but after careful thought and consideration, I think I would hop in there for a cool 50k. Of course, this is assuming that I will not be the one footing the hospital bill. I’m guessing that having your jaw wired shut is rather pricey. Mayweather is shorter than me, meaning that uppercut will most likely do some DAMAGE. But that’s it. 50k. Definitely not “change your life” kind of money, but a decent pay day for what would be about 30 seconds of getting my brains scrambled.

How much would it take for you to hop in there with Mayweather? What’s your number?