The New NBA All-Star Format Is Too Complicated For My Dumb Brain.

The title of this says it all. I have no clue how this stuff works anymore. Why’d they even change it in the first place? Apparently, the NBA All-Start team’s “starters” were announced last week, but the starters that were voted based on their conference… may potentially not play for their conference?! How the hell does that make any sense to anyone?! What moron thought of all this mumbo-jumbo, and why do they have to make me think or even… dare I say it… DO A SMALL AMOUNT OF RESEARCH! *gasps*

Ok but seriously, none of this matters. The all-star game has been a cash grab for its entire existence. Sure, it’s a nice honor for the players, but I’ve always felt like they should just name the teams, not play a game. Similar to the All-NBA teams at the end of the year, just at mid-season for the best players in each conference. Because no one gains anything from the game itself. There’s no defense, no fouls, and the MVP is always either the best player from the host city, or Russell Westbrook. It’s just a high-scoring waste of everybody’s time and money.

I always watch the events around the weekend because those are actually cool. The Skills Challenge, Dunk Contest, 3-Point Contest, Rookie-Sophomore Game and even the Celebrity game are all a good time. But the actual game always ends up being the worst part of the weekend. Plus it’s too hard to gamble on. The over is normally safe but… what if Boogie Cousins decides to stuff Kyrie into the 5th row? You never know…

In my opinion, the new format defeats the entire point of voting for the players by their conference. If they’re going to have it be a team captains scenario, why not do the best 24 players in the league, rather than the best 12 from each conference? If it’s not a game of East vs West, having LeBron and Steph pick their lineups out of the actual best 22 players is more logical. Because if someone can tell me with a straight face that Kyle Lowry deserves to be an All-Star more than Lou Williams this year, solely because he plays in the Eastern Conference… nah fam… #FreeLouWill


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