Trae Young’s Hair Is Flat Out Terrible

Here are some things you might associate with Trae Young. Being the superstar Point Guard of the Oklahoma Sooners. Most likely being a top 10 pick in the next NBA Draft. Averaging 30 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds per game. Being compared quite often to Stephen Curry. Scoring 40 or more 1-2-(3) times this season. Getting 22 assists against Northwestern State. You may notice something is missing from that list. That something: is having good hair.

Unfortunately for the young Guard, his hair is some of the worst in the history of basketball. And yes, that includes LeBron and *Durant.  Sadly for Trae, the mean streets of Twitter dot com have also taken notice. Here are many examples of what this man’s hair looks like:

But personally, I think my close, personal friend/twitter idol @TylerIAm said it best:

*category does include weird-ass goatees