Josh Allen takes one for the team

Former Wyoming QB, Josh Allen, said Monday that he would welcome the opportunity to turn the Browns around after an 0-16 season if he is taken at number one in this years NFL Draft.

Ha. This guy.

Hopefully this is just a ploy to show how “competitive” he is. Or maybe he doesn’t want to look like a prima donna by saying he doesn’t want to go to a certain team. Or perhaps he just wasn’t really looking forward to a long or successful NFL career. Because, news flash, it’s gonna take more than a Wyoming Cowboy to put out that dumpster fire of a franchise.

“If I’m fortunate enough to become a Cleveland Brown, you can expect everything from me,” Allen said, via CBS Cleveland. “I want to be the guy that turns around the Cleveland Browns. The guy that does that is going to be immortalized in Cleveland forever.”

Alright, alright. Let’s break this down.

First off, “fortunate” might not be the word he’s looking for here. Ask any one of the Browns’ quarterbacks from the last 17 seasons. A list that is 28 names long and includes three Heisman winners, a Super Bowl winner, and numerous Pro Bowlers. The Browns have also spent four first-round picks on QBs in that time. But, don’t worry Josh, I’m sure you’ll turn it around.

Second, “immortalized in Cleveland forever” is equivocal to having the chocolate fountain at the Golden Corral dinner buffet dedicated in your honor.

Look, this dude may be the real deal. He may have a successful NFL career. From here, it looks like a long shot. The stats are against him being the one who can finally turn it all around for the Brownies.

But maybe Josh is right?

Josh also had this to say about his own stats his Senior season, “Stats are for losers and the one thing I’d like to point out, while at Wyoming, we won games and I definitely think that’s how quarterbacks are judged in the NFL,”

Okay. Josh. Have fun in Cleveland.