It’s Always SuperBowl In Philadelphia

It has actually happened. The same team that preseason polls predicted to finish last in the NFC East. The same team whose off-season signings were criticized as they were just two aging receivers. The same team that once they in fact were being recognized, lost their potential MVP quarterback to injury. That same team- is going to the Super Bowl.

No one thought the Eagles would do anything this season. Personally, I thought their entire division would wipe the floor with them. And I think those kind of assumptions are why Philly fans are partying out of their freaking minds right now. Whether it be in the stadium, or out in the streets, the entire dumpster-fire city of Philadelphia has been an absolute war zone of excitement for the past 12 hours.

Pre-game, the internet was laughing hysterically at pictures of a priest wearing the now signature “underdog” mask in support of the Eagles, during Sunday Service. The city earlier in the week sent out safety warning, telling homeowners and business owners on Main Street that they could not ensure their safety, for a win or a loss. And to top it all off, the city sent out employees, nicknamed “The Crisco Cops” (A.K.A. the Grease Police), to literally cover light-posts and street lamps with oil so in the post-game madness no-one would climb up and injure themselves (Update: It did not work).

Then, during the game, the hype was real. The stands of The Linc were packed with Dog-People. Philadelphians common and famous alike, united in canine. It was beautiful. The still-image of MLB MVP and native Philadelpian Mike Trout was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Toward the end of the 7-38 blow-out, was -honestly- one of the largest displays of pure, and utter disrespect my two eyes have ever seen. The Eagles fans, ruthlessly mocked and imitated the Vikings famous “Skol” chant, echoing around the stadium. Then, when the game ended, the Eagles PLAYERS mocked the chant! Complete savagery, the likes of which I could only wish Meek Mill had been able to see. Free Meek…

Post-game was where a true apocalypse-esque environment ensued in the Philly streets. I scavenged the internet all night watching video, after video, after video of complete chaos. I watched at least 20 people help lift a man above the grease, just so he could stand on a streetlamp. I watched a dune buggy drive up the Rocky steps. Fans splattered the Vikings buses with beers. Fires burned far and wide through the Philly boroughs. And in one of my favorite videos I’ve seen in a long time, one fan, while trying to run down the Metro, gets completely leveled by a support pillar. Brian Dawkins type hit from this solid piece of concrete. I’m talking this guy has instant CTE. But congrats to the birds, have your fun while you can though, because you’ll probably get murdered in Minneapolis.


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