You Can’t Fool Us, Tom

I rolled out of bed this morning and engaged in my normal routine. Get up, brew some coffee, sit on the couch and read the Patriots. This is a great weekend to do that, as the Patriots play for the AFC Title tomorrow. Being a Patriots fan, I don’t usually worry about things like tough matchups, rough weather, and injuries. At the end of the day, Belichick is a mastermind, the OC and DC are his minions, and Robert Kraft has dominion over the entire city of Boston.

But this morning was different. I could handle the red gloves, I could handle the sitting out of practice on Wednesday, but seeing Tom Brady listed as questionable had me pacing around the living room.

Let’s take a step back. This is almost normal behavior for the New England Patriots. This could be some scheme to have the Jaguars prepare and tweak in a different way for the upcoming game.

Tom WILL play tomorrow. He might take a few less snaps, or be handing the ball off a bit more, but this seems like a classic Patriots ruse.

Brady was asked whether he had played in games in more pain than he was currently experiencing.

“I’ve played in a lot of games with pain,” he said.

Concern over Brady’s hand generated a small flurry of bets on the Jaguars on Thursday, with the line dropping New England to 7.5-point favorites at most Las Vegas sportsbooks. Bookmaker Nick Bogdanovich estimated the line could drop the Patriots to being just 3-point favorites if Brady were to be ruled out.