The Boys Are Back in Town

Like a bat outta hell, we’re back!

If this is your first time, welcome. If you are one of our faithful readers, hello again.

As a refresher, the Bandwagon was created with you in mind. We started with a newsletter, and then transformed into this newsletter-website combo. We wanted to add the website as another way for you to get your fix in between newsletters.

What we are dishing out might not be the news you need, but it is definitely the news that everyone will be talking about. Sports aren’t your thing? So what. Hang around, give it a shot, there’s definitely going to be a little somethin’ somethin’ around here for you. We can’t deal with just writing about sports all day. We’d lose our minds.

Ultimately, we have created this site as a place for you to get more of the stories that make up The BW newsletter. If you’re not familiar with the newsletter, it has been on a little break in order to make some time for this fun project but will back any day now. Check out the “Get Your Wings” link at the top of the page to hop on.

It obviously made the most sense to make our official comeback right after the Patriots won the Super Bowl (seeing as that will hardly be what is considered news), but we finished a little early and figured why not dip back in just in time to show Boring Blake Bortles a little love. Good luck this weekend buddy. Keep handing that ball off.

We are happy to be back, and would love some interaction on how we can make this the best experience for you. Hopefully we can become your one stop update on sports, news, sports news, and which Kardashian is pregnant this time. Kick back, read an article, talk some shit in the comments section… We’re glad you’re here.

Btw… You can shit talk on here! Leave a comment for us.