NFC Championship Preview

At the beginning of this season, Case Keenum and Nick Foles were two very solid backup quarterbacks for their teams. After this weekend, one of them will be the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl team.

This Sunday, Case Keenum will lead the Minnesoooda Vikings up against Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles in the city of brotherly love. These teams are very similar and will look to establish the run early and rely heavily on tough defensive fronts to try and grind out a win.

How’d they get here?

The Eagles lost ginger quarterback Carson Wentz to a knee injury late in the season and had to turn to mildly efficient Nick Foles to carry them home. Because of this injury, they are underdogs for the second straight game as the number one seeded NFC team.

The Eagles have been relying on RB Jay Ajayi since receiving him in a trade with the Dolphins late in the regular season. Since becoming an Eagle, Ajayi has averaged an impressive 6 yards per tote. He had a rough game last week in a close win over Atlanta but will be looking to show out in this one.

Minnesota got here via the Minneapolis Miracle. Perhaps the greatest playoff scene in the history of the NFL. Case Keenum threw a dart to Stefon Diggs as time expired to take out the Saints. It was unlikely and improbable and has secured Case Keenum into norse mythology until the end of time.

The Vikings offense is impressive, but that D is straight nasty. These dudes lay the wood. If they get up early, God bless Nick Foles and the less than spectacular Eagles receiving core.

What to expect?

Grind it out. This game could be ugly at times. Look for the game to be won on special teams or with a key turnover. If the Vikings can pull this off, they will become the first team to play a home game for the Super Bowl. That’s pretty neat.

Ultimately, this could just be the battle for second place, and we have to live with that. Thanks Tom Brady.

Vikings 20 – Eagles 17