AFC Championship Preview

There are two things you need to know going into this game:

  1. The Jaguars have knocked great offenses on their asses (*cough* Steelers)
  2. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play this beautiful game.

You know how a storm is formed? According to SCIENCE, a storm is formed when a low-pressure system and a high-pressure system meet. And when they meet, they bring, clouds, rain, and thunder. This is what you could expect this weekend when a high-powered offense meets a brick wall of a defense.

The Jacksonville Jaguars:

Remember when we were kids, or like, a couple of years ago when the Jaguars were contending with the Browns on who could have the worst team in all of professional sports? Well look at them now.

The key to beating Brady this year has been getting the pass rush going, and the Jaguars have plenty of that. Handling the front seven of the Jacksonville Jaguars is going to be no easy task.

My favorite sport saying of all time is “defense wins championships.” My dad told me that when I was a kid rooting for the Patriots in 2001, and I still think that to this day. So you see the Tom Coughlin led Jaguars defense should scare the piss out of any Patriots fan. Tom Coughlin is the same guy who orchestrated 2 incredible Superbowl wins with mouth breathing Eli Manning at quarterback against the Patriots. Don’t remind me.

New England Patriots:

And here we stand, just days before the AFC Championship and we see a lot of similarities between those Giant’s teams and the Jaguars this year. A great defense, with a pass rush in specific could spell trouble for the seemingly unshakeable New England Patriots.

There is just one problem with looking at how good a Patriots opponent is. The problem… they are playing the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick practically makes a living off of not caring what his team is up against, and he has the track record to prove it.

Tom Brady will be Tom Brady this weekend, and so will the defending champion New England Patriots. One weapon that the Patriots did not have in the playoffs last year that they do have this year is 6 foot 6 inch, 265 pound TE Rob Gronkowski. Add in a quick Brandin Cooks, and an array of running backs, you’ve got a pretty potent offense to deal with.

Over the years, the pair of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has seen many defenses, schemes, formations, and coverage’s. If I knew how they were going to attack this defense, I would tell you, the Jaguars in free agency would also hire me.

Look for this to be a low scoring, barnburner of a game. Make your field goals!

Patriots 23 – Jaguars – 16